The New Great Walls: A Guide to China's Overseas Dam Industry (Second Edition)

TitleThe New Great Walls: A Guide to China's Overseas Dam Industry (Second Edition)
Annotated RecordNot Annotated
Year of Publication2012
Secondary TitleInternational Rivers (IR)
Place PublishedBerkeley
Key themesHydropower, Safeguards

Chinese dam builders have come to dominate the world market. Civil society groups have expressed concerns about the social and environmental impacts of numerous Chinese dams in Africa, Asia and Latin America. This NGO guide published by International Rivers presents the lessons of past experience and informs interested NGOs how they can best influence the projects and policies of Chinese dam builders and advocate for social and environmental interests. The guide provides useful information for groups concerned about dam projects in which Chinese companies and financiers are involved, including: a "who's who" among Chinese companies and financiers; laws and standards in the Chinese dam building sector; a map of China's major overseas dam projects; the new environmental policy of Sinohydro - the world's largest dam-builder; an action guide for how to address problematic dams built by Chinese companies and financiers; case studies of how NGOs have influenced Chinese overseas projects; and a sample letter to a Chinese dam building company.


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