China's Dam Diplomacy in the Mekong Region: Three Game Changers

TitleChina's Dam Diplomacy in the Mekong Region: Three Game Changers
Annotated RecordNot Annotated
Year of Publication2016
Secondary AuthorsBlake, Robins
Secondary TitleWater Governance Dynamics in the Mekong Region
SectionChapter 5
PublisherStrategic Information and Research Development Centre (SIRD)
Place PublishedSelangor, Malaysia
Key themesHydropower, Safeguards, Transboundary Governance

This chapter examines the case of the contested Myitsone Dam in Myanmar to illustrate how three proposed "game changers" - host-society activism, domestic regulatory policies on corporate social responsibility, and a new policy of regional engagement - contributed to informing the responses of Beijing and its state owned enterprises to the unprecedented dam suspension. The case serves as an illustration of how intense contestation can stimulate greater awareness in China of its responsibilities as both a regional power and a major global water and energy sector investor.


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