Contested Waterscapes in the Mekong Region: Hydropower, Livelihoods and Governance

TitleContested Waterscapes in the Mekong Region: Hydropower, Livelihoods and Governance
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Year of Publication2009
AuthorsMolle, Foran, Käkönen
Place PublishedLondon, Sterlin, VA
Key themesEcology and Livelihoods, Energy Planning, Framing Concepts in Water Governance, Hydropower, Impact Assessment, Safeguards, Transboundary Governance

This book consists of 15 chapters written by authors who were part of the Mekong Programme on Water, Environment and Resilience (M-POWER) network. The book examines how large-scale projects are being proposed, justified and built. How are such projects contested and how do specific governance regimes influence decisionmaking? The book shows how diverse, and often antagonistic, ideologies and interests are contesting for legitimacy. It argues that the distribution of decisionmaking, political and discursive power influences how the waterscapes of the region will ultimately look and how benefits, costs and risks will be distributed. Also highlighted are the emergence of new actors, rights and trade-off debates, and the social and environmental consequences of 'water resources development'. These issues are crucial for the transformation of waterscapes and the prospects for democratizing water governance in the Mekong region. This volume is the second of a three-volume multi-authored book series on water governance in the Mekong region produced as part of M-POWER.


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Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Regional, Thailand, Vietnam

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