Damming the Salween River

TitleDamming the Salween River
Annotated RecordNot Annotated
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsMagee, Kelley
Secondary AuthorsMolle, Foran, Käkönen
Secondary TitleContested Waterscapes in the Mekong Region
Place PublishedLondon, Sterlin, VA
Key themesEcology and Livelihoods, Hydropower, Impact Assessment, Safeguards, Transboundary Governance

We begin with an overview of the Nu-Salween watershed and then provide details of the projects planned for the Chinese and Myanmar stretches of the river, as well as of the principal actors in the three countries involved in surveying, designing, fi nancing, constructing and operating the dams. We then sketch the decision-making contexts in which the dams are situated. Finally, we conclude with an assessment of leverage points in decision-making processes and modest recommendations for reducing ecological and socio-economic impacts while striving to meet regional energy needs.


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Myanmar, China, Thailand

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Book Chapter

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