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Lan_Shiow_Tsai.  2015.  Gender and Hydropower National Policy Assessment: Myanmar. Oxfam Australia. :7p.. (1008.51 KB)
Baird, Frankel.  2015.  Mekong EIA Briefing: Environmental Impact Assessment Comparative Analysis In Lower Mekong Countries. Mekong Partnership for the Environment, Pact. :63p.. (1.87 MB)
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Leese, Meisch.  2015.  Securitising Sustainability? Questioning the 'Water, Energy and Food-Security Nexus' Water Alternatives. 8(1):695-709. (619.51 KB)
ADB.  2015.  Strategic Environmental Assessment in the Greater Mekong Subregion. :8p.. (1.36 MB)
Allouche, Middleton, Gyawali.  2015.  Technical Veil, Hidden Politics: Interrogating the Power Linkages behind the Nexus. Water Alternatives. 8(1):610-626. (689.14 KB)
Middleton, Dore.  2015.  Transboundary Water and Electricity Governance in Mainland Southeast Asia: Linkages, Disjunctures and Implications. International Journal of Water Governance. 3(1):93-120. (763.49 KB)
Keskinen, Someth, Salmivaara, Kummu.  2015.  Water-Energy-Food Nexus in a Transboundary River Basin: The Case of Tonle Sap Lake, Mekong River Basin. Water. 7(10):5416-5436. (1012.3 KB)
Lebel, Lebel, Chitmanat, Sriyasak.  2014.  Benefit Sharing from Hydropower Watersheds: Rationales, Practices, and Potential. Water Resources and Rural Development. 4(October):12-28.
Suhardiman, Wichelns, Lebel, Sellamuttu.  2014.  Benefit Sharing in Mekong Region Hydropower: Whose Benefits Count? Water Resources and Rural Development. 4(October):3-11.
IR.  2014.  Dam Standards: A Rights-Based Approach - A Guidebook for Civil Society. International Rivers (IR). (January):90p.. (1.19 MB)
Hecht, Lacombe.  2014.  The Effects of Hydropower Dams on the Hydrology of the Mekong Basin. State of Knowledge Series 5, WLE Greater Mekong. (April):15p.. (516.57 KB)
Carew-Reid.  2014.  Environment Assessment Tools for Improving the Sustainability of Development in the Mekong Region. International Centre for Environmental Management (ICEM). :6p.. (632.21 KB)
IR.  2014.  Environmental and Social Impacts of Lancang Dams. International Rivers (IR). :11p.. (970.69 KB)
Herbertson.  2014.  Legal Briefing: How International Law Applies to the Don Sahong Dam. International Rivers (IR). (March):5p.. (211.27 KB)
Suhardiman, Giordano.  2014.  Legal Plurality: An Analysis of Power Interplay in Mekong Hydropower. Annals of the Association of American Geographers. 104(5):973-988.
Merme, Ahlers, Gupta.  2014.  Private equity, public affair: Hydropower financing in the Mekong Basin. Global Environmental Change. 24(1):20-29.
IR.  2014.  A Quick Lesson on Environmental Flows. International Rivers (IR). :3p.. (588.86 KB)
Skinner, Haas.  2014.  Watered Down? A Review of Social and Environmental Safeguards for Large Dam Projects International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED). :128p.. (1.42 MB)
IR.  2014.  World Rivers Review: Special Focus on the Mekong. International Rivers (IR). 29(4):16p.. (612.56 KB)