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IR.  2015.  Benchmarking the Policies and Practices of International Hydropower Companies (Stage 1: Environmental and Social Policies and Practices of Chinese Overseas Hydropower Companies). Part A: Methodology and Analysis. (June):28p.. (1.52 MB)
IR.  2014.  World Rivers Review: Special Focus on the Mekong. International Rivers (IR). 29(4):16p.. (612.56 KB)
IR.  2013.  An Introduction to Integrated Resources Planning. International Rivers (IR). (October):20p.. (922.91 KB)
IR.  2014.  Dam Standards: A Rights-Based Approach - A Guidebook for Civil Society. International Rivers (IR). (January):90p.. (1.19 MB)
IR.  2013.  Greenwashing Dams: A Critique of the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol (HSAP). International Rivers (IR). (May):4p.. (777.4 KB)
IR.  2012.  The New Great Walls: A Guide to China's Overseas Dam Industry (Second Edition). International Rivers (IR). (November):56p..
IR.  2010.  Protecting Rivers and Rights: The World Commission on Dams Recommendations in Action. International Rivers (IR). (July - WCD +10 years):24p.. (1.13 MB)
IR.  2014.  Environmental and Social Impacts of Lancang Dams. International Rivers (IR). :11p.. (970.69 KB)
IUCN, Oxfam.  2018.  Gender and Water Governance in the Mekong Region: Assessment and Opportunities. (June):19p. (1.35 MB)
IUCN.  2016.  A Window of Opportunity for the Mekong Basin: The UN Watercourses Convention as a Basis for Cooperation. A Legal Analysis of How the UN Watercourses Convention Complements the Mekong Agreement. :27p.. (885.57 KB)
Jensen.  2013.  Viewpoint - Swimming Against the Current: Questioning Development Policy and Practice. Water Alternatives. 6(2):276-283. (392.65 KB)
Johnston, McCartney, Liu, Ketelsen, Taylor, Vinh, Gyi, Aung, Gyi.  2017.  State of Knowledge: River Health in the Salween. State of Knowledge Series 6, WLE Greater Mekong. (July):10p.. (728.39 KB)
Käkönen, Hirsch.  2009.  The Anti-Politics of Mekong Knowledge Production. Contested Waterscapes in the Mekong Region. :333-355. (219.17 KB)
Keskinen, Kummu, Käkönen, Varis.  2012.  Mekong at the Crossroads: Alternative Paths of Water Development and Impact Assessment. Politics and Development in a Transboundary Watershed: The Case of the Lower Mekong Basin. :101-126. (1.15 MB)
Keskinen, Someth, Salmivaara, Kummu.  2015.  Water-Energy-Food Nexus in a Transboundary River Basin: The Case of Tonle Sap Lake, Mekong River Basin. Water. 7(10):5416-5436. (1012.3 KB)
Ketelsen, Taylor, Vinh, Hunter, Johnston, Liu, Tint, Gyi, Charles.  2017.  State of Knowledge: River Health in the Ayeyarwady. State of Knowledge Series 7, WLE Greater Mekong. (July):13p.. (1.37 MB)
Magee, Kelley.  2009.  Damming the Salween River. Contested Waterscapes in the Mekong Region. :115-140. (245.26 KB)
Matthews.  2012.  Water Grabbing in the Mekong Basin: An Analysis of the Winners and Losers of Thailand's Hydropower Development in Lao PDR. Water Alternatives. 5(2):392-411. (717.75 KB)